10-Foot Concrete Barrier – CSB-F-Shape 10-Foot

With the same profile as the F-Shape


The 10-foot concrete barrier is used for outlining construction sites, roadways, businesses, and venues to protect workers and equipment. This 10-foot concrete barrier is ideal for use on sidewalks, parking areas, property separation, events, parks, and a number of other applications. They are designed for use in highway traffic to protect against vehicular impact and come with forklift knockouts for easier placement.

Primary Features:

  • The 10-foot barrier is the most common size.
  • Due to the size and weight, an 18-wheeler can ship (10) 10-foot pieces (100 LF) per load.

General Specs For 10-Foot Concrete Barrier:

  • Concrete shall be Class H with minimum compressive strength of 3,600 psi
  • Where used, rebar reinforcement shall be grade 60 and conform to ASTM A615
  • Precast barrier length shall be 10 ft.
  • All precast barrier edges shall have a 3/4″ chamfer or tooled radius
  • All steel assemblies for joint shall be galvanized after fabrication in accordance with item 445, “Galvanizing”
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10 Foot Airport Barrier
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