StormTrap underground stormwater detention systems manage and control the volume and discharge timing of stormwater runoff. Our detention solutions temporarily store runoff in large underground precast concrete chambers before releasing it at a controlled rate. This helps to mitigate many of the harmful effects of high volumes of stormwater runoff, such as erosion and flooding. We are happy to partner with StormTrap in producing SingleTrap and DoubleTrap detention systems. Please visit for more information.
single trap
SingleTrap capitalizes on its numerous design flexibilities to meet requirements without disturbing existing utilities or changing project configurations to meet stormwater needs. Our product fits seamlessly into the specifications and provides an effective solution that is high-strength, innovative, easily maintained and cost-effective.
double storm trap
DoubleTrap utilizes depth and is available in internal heights that range from 2’-2” to 15’-0”. By going deeper as opposed to wider to fulfill total water storage requirements, DoubleTrap can minimize the overall project footprint and reduce total excavation and project costs. The DoubleTrap product pairs with a range of stormwater applications to create an effectual stormwater quality solution that exceeds ordinances and requirements.


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