• Single Slope Concrete Barrier

Single Slope Concrete Barrier – SSCB


This concrete barrier is a 36″ or 42″ concrete median traffic barrier designed with a single slope used to separate lanes of traffic. It has been developed for use as either a permanent concrete median barrier or as a temporary barrier. The primary advantage is that the pavement adjacent to it can be overlaid several times without changing the performance of the barrier. This should help to reduce the maintenance costs associated with its use.

Primary Advantage:

  • Compared to more complex shapes, this barrier’s performance is not as affected by changes in the height of the roadbed during repaving.
  • This barrier has performed similarly in crash tests to the F-Shape Concrete Barrier.
  • Summit Precast Concrete is a licensed fabricator of the JJ-Hook Connection System.

General Specs for Single Slope Concrete Barrier:

  • Multiple connection systems are available, including the JJ-Hook
  • Concrete shall be Class H with minimum compressive strength of 3,600 psi
  • Where used, rebar reinforcement shall be grade 60 and conform to ASTM A615
  • Precast barrier length shall be 30 ft. unless otherwise specified on the plans
  • All precast barrier edges shall have a 3/4″ chamfer or tooled radius
  • All steel assemblies for joint shall be galvanized after fabrication in accordance with item 445, “Galvanizing”
Single Slope Concrete Barrier

42″ SSCB

36” SSCB

36″ SSCB

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