• Low Profile Concrete Barrier

Low Profile Concrete Barrier – LPCB


Low profile concrete barrier is used in construction areas where speed limits are 45 mph or lower and are available in 20″ lengths. The minimal visual impact of low-profile barriers can be used to establish defined workspaces that provide increased safety for workers, and shield drivers from trees, light poles, and other fixed roadway features.

Primary Benefits:

  • Pedestrians, workers, and drivers all benefit from LPB protection since it improves visibility and offers positive protection.
  • LPB can provide protection for a variety of road users, as well as workers who are in close proximity to traffic, whereas the typical F-shape barrier with end treatment might hinder line of sight.

General Specs For Low Profile Concrete Barrier:

  • LPB are approved for use in temporary work zone locations, where the posted speed is 45 mph, or less
  • Concrete shall be Class H with minimum compressive strength of 3,600 psi
  • Where used, rebar reinforcement shall be grade 60 and conform to ASTM A615
  • Precast barrier length shall be 20 ft.
  • All precast barrier edges shall have a 3/4″ chamfer or tooled radius
  • All steel assemblies for joint shall be galvanized after fabrication in accordance with item 445, “Galvanizing”

Low Profile Concrete Barrier
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